Using Perceptions

As you will see, you are asked to use words that describe how you see your digital identity.

  1. Select up to six words or phrases.
  2. You will then be presented with a grid based on the “Johari window”. At this stage your selected words or phrases will appear in the “Façade” or “known to self” box.
  3. At the bottom of the page there is a link for you to copy and send to peers and colleagues (we suggest 4 or 5 people you interact with online).
  4. Save the link so you can revisit it later. When they access the link it will ask them to describe your digital identity. The words they add that you didn’t chose will be included in the “Blind Spot” or “not known to self”. The top left box is the “Arena” where the words you have chosen match how others describe you. The final box contains the words and phrases from the tool that neither you nor people describing you have used.

When everyone as completed the form you can revisit the saved link and export the page as a word document. At this stage use it as an artefact for reflection and development.

Remember - this is not a diagnostic tool, it should only be used for reflection



This idea and tool is a collaboration between Lawrie Phipps, Zac Gribble and Donna Lanclos. It is still in alpha testing (both the code and the idea!)

If you want more information then please get in touch initially on Twitter




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